Additional Features


Ecommerce that is integrated with the DistributionPlus software, which means that you can make your own updates on your ecommerce site, and all things on your ecommerce site are connected in real-time to your DistributionPlus system. Your customers will see the correct pricing and quantities when they are viewing items on your ecommerce site. The shopping cart produces a sales order in DistributionPlus as soon as the shopping cart is submitted.

warehouse management

UPS and FedEx Integration

Complete integration with both USP and FedEx. Information from the sales order is loaded into the UPS or FedEx shipping software. Shipping costs are fed back to sales order before they are invoiced, giving you the correct freight amount to charge your customer. Tracking numbers are recorded for quick reference.

Business Intelligence

Get an executive level snapshot of your company’s position for any date. View a summary, or detailed view, of operational categories such as financials, sales, and inventory.

With the flexible report writer, reports can be designed with the elements that you choose. These reports can be set to automatically run only when you need them. Reports can be exported to common office software or viewed within DistributionPlus.

business intelligence
information screens

Informational Screens

Information screens that will give you the information that you need to know about inventory, customers, or vendors. Get information such as purchasing history, pricing, open invoices and open purchase orders from the customer and vendor information screens. See information such as activity, history, pricing, and item location(s) in item information.

Credit Card Processing

Whether you are accepting credit cards through your ecommerce site or at point of sale, you can be assured that transactions are completed easily and securely. Credit card processing in DistributionPlus is completely PCI (payment card industry) compliant.

credit card processing

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