Nonprofit Organizations

Distribution and ERP Software for NonProfit Organizations

As a nonprofit organization, you are faced with challenges of tracking an ever-changing inventory. If you are taking food donations, you need to be certain that food items are not going beyond the expiration dates while they are in your inventory. DistributionPlus distribution and ERP software for nonprofit organizations will help to track your inventory, streamline processes to get items to the agencies and people receiving them, and much more.

Case Study: Seattle’s union Gospel Mission

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Nonprofit Specific Technology

  • Customer portal for agencies to view items available, place orders, review history, and check on orders.
  • Items are pre-allocated as the order is placed in the customer portal.
  • Expiration date tracking on food items.
  • Lot control.
  • Product image control allows you to manage your images shown in the customer portal.
  • Real-time inventory tracking.
  • Highly flexible reporting that can be integrated with MS Office.

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