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What if you were told that you could take back time? Well not literally, but you can save substantial amounts of time by using document management. DistributionPlus Document Management will cut down on your clutter. You will not lose your documents from document management. Document management will save you time.

Document Management Will Save You Time

You might need to find a particular document such as a signed delivery receipt to show that product was delivered to your customer. That document needs to be retrieved from a filing cabinet (hopefully if it was previously pulled, it was returned and filed correctly). At this time you may need to scan the document so you can email it to your customer. When all of this is done, the document needs to be filed again.

Now think about how much time that whole process took from your day. Even at 10 minutes, if this happens six times per day, that is a whole hour, or 5 hours per week.

If you have the DistributionPlus document management and you have this same scenario, all you have to do is open up that customer in customer information, pull up history, and select the particular sales order. There you will see a link to the document that will display the document in a .pdf format. At this point it is easy to email it to your customer.

This process takes less than a minute.

It Requires Less Space

If documents are digitally stored within document management, there is less paper printed and less need for storage.

Here, at CP Tech, we have cut our need for physical stored documents by 75%.

You Will Not Lose Documents

To put it simply… a physical document always stands the chance of getting misfiled or lost. In contrast, digital documents will not get lost.

Documents That Can Be Stored In DistributionPlus Document Management

Your DistributionPlus system can already add all of the reports and forms generated from the software. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Financial Reports
  • Acknowledgements
  • Picking Slips
  • Invoices
  • Report Archive
  • Quotes
  • Packing Slips


Other documents that you can add to document management are limitless, but here are some examples:

  • Delivery Receipts
  • W-9 Forms
  • Hazmat Forms
  • Receivables Checks
  • Customer PO’s
  • Certifications
  • Tax Exempt Forms
  • Contracts
  • Product Specs


To learn more about how document management can fit into your organization, contact us for ways that your documents can be streamlined through document management with your DistributionPlus.

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