The Importance of Accurate Lot Tracking

lot and serial traceability

Imagine that a manufacturer issues a recall for a particular lot number. Your company gets a notice, so you go to your system to find all of the product with that lot number. You need to trace those that have been sold and shipped so you can notify your customer. You will also need to pull all of those with that lot number out of your inventory to prevent them from shipping. What would happen if you couldn’t find everything that had that lot number associated with it?

What is Lot Tracking?

Lot tracking allows product to be tracked via lot number from manufacturer, throughout your warehouse, and to your customers. All lot numbers are recorded and followed by activity of the product. It is important for lot numbers to be tracked, even if that product becomes a part or ingredient of another item.

If you have a simple inventory system where your lotted product is received, sold, and shipped out, you may only require simple lot tracking functionality. If you have a more complex inventory, where your lotted product changes in form or location, then you may need a more sophisticated lot tracking system. A lot number needs to be able to be referenced no matter where the location. It should always be able to be tracked through an easy reporting function.

Lot Tracking Needs To Be System Oriented

If you have a lotted part that becomes part of another product, you should still be able to trace the lot number as part of that new product. It is at this point that many ERP systems fail and require you to start tracking the lot number by other means.

Scanning Lot Numbers

Bar coded lot numbers can be scanned with a barcode reader used in your warehouse. Bar coded lot numbers are scanned as they are received, put away, transferred, and shipped. This process is preferred because it streamlines any activity of the lotted item and also leads to fewer errors.

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