Fully-Integrated Production and ERP Software for Meat Processors

Sustaen is a complete production and ERP system designed with functions specific to meat processors and packers.

  • Integrate scales with Sustaen Software.
  • Rapid, smooth implementation.
  • Software that fits the way you do business.

Automatic Weight Recording

Weights are automatically recorded at different stages of production.

Real-Time Production and Inventory

Sustaen production and ERP captures production information as it happens.


End to end track and trace.

A Complete Production and Inventory Management Solution


Create barcode labels, including GS1-128.

Document Management

Store and organize documents required by the USDA and other regulating entities.

Landed Cost

A true cost that considers freight, brokerage, and other fees for your product before it gets to your door.

Real-Time Yield Reporting

Constant communication between the production floor and the software allows real-time yield reporting.