USDA Announces Grants To Help Small And Medium Sized Meat Producers

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Good news for small and medium-sized meat and poultry producers!

The USDA has announced that the government is investing in the meat and poultry industry through grant projects. These grants are aimed at increasing competition across the economy and lowering costs for American families.

Benefits For Small And Medium-Sized Meat Producers

According to a USDA press release, this will expand meat and poultry processing capacity, which in turn increases competition, supports producer income, and strengthens the food supply chain to lower costs for working families and create jobs and economic opportunities in rural areas.

An expected outcome from this investment is to have fairer markets and more opportunities for family farmers.

“Agricultural economists have said that smaller processing plants also might have a hard time competing with the major meat companies because they are far less efficient than the big plants run by companies like Tyson, Smithfield Foods, Cargill, JBS, and Purdue Farms.”, as stated by AP News.

Improving Efficiencies

Many plants intend to use the grants for additional jobs. Increasing meat production will require additional employees on the production floor. Some plants intend to increase space to account for an increase in employees and production.

Some grant money will be spent on additional machinery or new machinery that will help to increase production.

Meat producers can increase production through improved efficiencies by upgrading or purchasing software. Meat production software improves the workflow on the production floor. For example, instead of slowing production to record data, the production software will have that data automatically recorded.

Another way to improve efficiencies is through proper warehouse management. Meat production software with warehouse management capabilities will help you to maximize the space in your storage facilities.

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