Make Your Software Work For You Again

Software for small and medium sized businesses, with integrations that take manual processes out of your day

A Flexible Solution For Your Business

A software solution that is flexible and designed to fit the way that you run your business.

  • Hosted in the cloud or premise based.
  • No need to change your business to fit the software.
  • Run as a full ERP system or use it with your current accounting software.
  • Fully-integrated system keeps the workflow simple without the need for double entry.
warehouse worker
warehouse management

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory management system that optimizes your inventory so that you have just the right amount of inventory.

  • Detailed lot and serial tracing.
  • Kitting.
  • Easily update prices for multiple products or individual products.
  • Automated purchasing function alerts when product quantities reach defined levels.
  • Many inventory reports are available, including dead inventory, below reorder point, and inventory valuation.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

A warehouse management system that will optimize storage and production in your warehouse.

  • Integration with barcode scanning devices.
  • Unlimited number of product locations.
  • Multiple warehouse capability.
  • Advanced picking processes that ensure that customer’s orders are fulfilled correctly.

Industries Currently Serving






Safety/Personal Protective

Wholesale Hard Goods

Meat and Food

Meat Processing

Liquor and Beverage

Building Products

Boat Manufacturing

Small Motor



Casters and Wheels

Rubber, Hose, and Fluid Power

Screen Printing/Artist Materials

Crafting Supplies

Party Goods

Stationary/Greeting Cards

Dry Cleaning Supplies



A comprehensive report writer is included that allows you to create reports with the criteria and detail that you need.

  • Build your own reports and/or use system standard reports.
  • MS Office integration.
  • Reports can be set to automatically run at specific times and sent by email or to a printer.

What You Can Expect From Us

Data Transfer

Once you decide to make DistributionPlus ERP or Sustaen ERP your software solution for success, we have a dedicated teams to make sure your current data is transferred successfully to your new software. We transfer your customers, inventory, history, vendors, sales history, and other files that you may need transferred as well.

Project Management

Our project management process keeps you informed throughout the process. We prefer to have a two-way communication process throughout the implementation process so that you know the progress, and that we are getting feedback from as we are implementing.


Training can be done on-site or remotely. Many companies opt for remote training, so they can receive the training in partial day increments and not have to dedicate full days to training. Whichever you choose, you can be assured to receive effective training that is tailored to your company’s needs.

On-Going Support

When the implementation is complete, and your system is live, we continue to provide friendly, live, personal software support. You can make unlimited support calls and will receive product updates included with the customer support program. We are the developers of DistributionPlus Distribution and ERP, as well as Sustaen Production and ERP systems, so we can give our customers the level of support required to help them succeed.

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I have found that my employees have learned the software very quickly and have taken very little time to be proficient in all areas of the software.

Alan Puder
Northwest Graphic Supply