Document Management

Easily Access Important Documents With Document Management

Safely store important documents for quick and easy retrieval whenever you need them.

  • DistributionPlus or Sustaen software produced forms and documents are automatically stored in document management.
  • Documents are organized and linked to the appropriate record, such as the sales order, customer, etc.
  • Easily get certifications, MTR’s, MSDS sheets, and other important documents to your customers.
document management

Lower Your Costs and Inefficiencies

When compared to physical documents, digital documents offer many advantages and efficiencies.

  • Access documents for the document management system rather than spending time to retrieve a document from a file cabinet.
  • Documents are organized and cannot be displaced or lost.
  • Documents can be easily emailed to your customer.
  • Documents are integrated with the customer portal and sales portal for your customers and sales representatives to access.
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Include External Documents For A Complete Document Management System

You may need to refer back to your customer’s purchase order, or look to see who signed for a delivery at your customer location. Scan or import external documents to have all information on hand.

  • Import email attachments.
  • Automatically import scanned documents.
  • Import certifications and other required documents.
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