Lot and Serial Traceability

End To End Lot and Serial Traceability

If you have lotted or serialized inventory, you need to have the ability to track and trace that inventory wherever it is, or wherever it went. If there is ever a recall, or a claim, against lotted or serialized items, you need to have this information quickly.

  • Add the lot or serial number upon receiving.
  • Track expiration dates.
  • Lot and serial numbers are stored in the barcode for easy tracking throughout your warehouse.
lot and serial traceability

Comprehensive Tracking Shows All Product Usage

Often times lotted and serialized product is used in a kit item or as a part used in an assembly. Lot and serial numbers need to be tracked as they become part of a larger assembly.

  • Insight to where raw materials were used, where they are sent, or where they are stored.
  • Kitted or assembled goods list all lot or serial numbers associated with them.
barcode scan

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