Sales Portal

Tools For Successful Sales

While your sales representatives are working from remote locations, they need to have tools available to properly service their clients. The sales portal offers the functions needed for successful interactions with clients.

  • Sales representatives can easily place orders for clients, with the correct pricing pricing for that client.
  • Sales representative can see inventory stock levels.
  • Sales representatives can see open orders and check status for their clients.
  • Sales representative can easily quote from the sales portal.
sales portal representative

Account Management Tools

Your sales representatives need tools to stay organized and stay current with their accounts. The sales portal has all the account information in an easy access screen that can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Schedule follow up calls with accounts.
  • View open quotes and determine if they need follow-up.
  • All contacts and their information is easily viewable.
  • See invoices and check on delinquent invoices.
sales portal customer information

Control What Can Be Accessed

Some companies prefer to place parameters to prevent sales representatives from accessing certain information, while other companies have more of an open policy. The sales portal has options to limit access to information that you do not want to be seen.

  • Prevent product costs from showing.
  • Choose whether a sales representative can only see their accounts, or see all accounts.
  • You can have inventory stock levels hidden.
access controls

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