Customer Portal

Convenience For Your Customers

The customer portal provides convenience and an added service for your customers. Your customers have the ability to be self-sufficient with the tools available to them.

  • Your customers can check on their order status.
  • Your customers can see their order history.
  • Your customers can reorder from their order history.
  • our customers have 24/7 access.
customer portal dashboard

Convenient Ordering Capability For Your Customers

In addition to giving your customers the ability to look at information for their account, the sales portal can provide functionality for you customers to place orders. Customers can place orders through an eCommerce interface within their customer portal.

  • Customers receive their contract pricing when placing their orders through their customer portal.
  • You control the product images shown in the portal from the base software.
  • Pick tickets can be created in your warehouse upon completion of an order in the customer portal.
customer portal items

Convenience For Your Staff

Consider the amount of time that your staff spends answering account related questions from your customers. While it is important to stay in touch with your customers, many account related questions could be handled by having the customer portal available for your customers.

  • Customer portal gives an extra service to your customers while freeing up time for your CSR’s.
  • Customers have access to download important documents such as product specifications, certifications, etc.
  • Customers can view and download their invoices.
customer portal invoice

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