Inventory Management

An Inventory Management System Designed to Maximize Your Inventory

Your inventory is the center of your business. An effective inventory management system is essential for maintaining optimal levels and maximizing profitability.

  • Inventory forecasting.
  • Multiple units of measure.
  • Multiple company and warehouse transfers.
  • Serial and lot tracking and traceability.
  • Backorder fulfillment and management.
  • Landed cost allows you to consider all additional costs in your pricing.
  • Kitting and bill of materials (BOM).
warehouse management

Make Smart Decisions With Inventory Watch

Inventory Watch is an inventory forecasting function that considers multiple variables to determine what needs to purchased, and when it needs to be purchased, to ensure your inventory levels are where they should be.

  • Increase inventory turns and order fill rates.
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs.
  • Inventory watch accounts for seasonable items.
  • Eliminate dead or inactive inventory.
inventory watch

Inventory Management Integrations

Gain complete control over your business with our tightly integrated inventory management system. It integrates seamlessly with other functions within DistributionPlus to give you a unified solution.

  • Integrated with purchasing, sales and quoting, accounting, and warehouse management.
  • Integrated with EDI.
  • Integrated with eCommerce.
  • Integrated with the sales portal and customer portal.
inventory management integrations

Streamline Your Distribution With Kitting

Transform your distribution operations with kitting. This strategy involves strategically grouping related items into ready-to-ship kits, streamlining order fulfillment and maximizing inventory utilization.

  • Reduce picking and packing time.
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduce the number of SKU’s needed in your inventory.
  • Individual lot and serial numbers are tracked as part of the kit.
kitting for distributors

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