Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management: The Key To Faster, Smarter Operations

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers complete command over your inventory, from the second it enters your facility to the moment it lands in your customers’ hands.

  • Advanced put-away and picking technology ensures your stock is always in the right place, maximizing space and order fulfillment speed.
  • Automated bin replenishment prevents stockouts and costly delays.
  • Slash turnaround times with batch picking, zone picking, and wave picking strategies expertly tailored to your warehouse layout.
  • Cross-docking streamlines the flow of high-priority goods, getting orders out the door faster.
  • Unlimited bin locations and the ability to manage multiple warehouses mean our WMS effortlessly grows alongside your business.
warehouse management

Better Accuracy and Time Savings With Barcode Technology

  • Efficiently generate and scan barcodes: Implement barcode generation tools and scanners for seamless creation and reading of industry-standard barcodes (including GS1).
  • Maximize warehouse accuracy: Streamline picking and shipping processes with barcode technology to eliminate mis-picks and guarantee the correct product is shipped.
  • Digitize and optimize order fulfillment: Replace error-prone paper packing slips with barcode scanning technology to accelerate picking and virtually eliminate packing mistakes.
lot and serial traceability

Additional Warehouse Management Features

Other functions that improve efficiency and accuracy include:

  • Integration with common shipping carriers.
  • Master shipment function and labeling for large palletized orders.
  • Lot or serial number can become part of the product barcode.
  • Highly integrated with EDI.
warehouse management palletized shipments

UPS and FedEx Integration

Complete integration with both USP and FedEx. Information from the sales order is loaded into the UPS or FedEx shipping software. Shipping costs are fed back to sales order before they are invoiced, giving you the correct freight amount to charge your customer. Tracking numbers are recorded for quick reference.

warehouse management

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