Sustaen Production and ERP Software

Real-Time Production and Inventory

Production and ERP Software for Meat Processors that gives you the ability to have live weighing on the plant floor along with the ability to produce labels allows you to know your production as it is being made.

  • Sustaen production and ERP captures production information as it happens.
  • Product added to inventory is updated immediately.
  • Real-time inventory management.
  • Sustaen production and ERP integrates with weight scales and records as it is weighed.
  • Ability to use your existing scales, in most cases.
real time production and inventory

Warehouse Management

Use the integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to optimize storage and movement in your production, cooler, freezer, and shipping areas.

  • Integration with barcode scanning devices.
  • Create barcode labels, including GS1 barcodes.
  • Cross-docking.
  • Pick and put-away scanning.
Warehouse Management for Meat Processors

Key Features of Sustaen Production and ERP Software For Meat Processors Include…

Integrated Scale Reading

  • Weight scales communicate with Sustaen Production and ERP in real-time.
  • Weights are automatically recorded at different stages of production.
  • Use your existing scales, in most cases.

Real-Time Cattle Cost and Yield

  • Real-time yield reporting.
  • Both live and rail.
  • Financial functions are completely integrated with other functions in the software.


  • End to end track and trace.
  • Insight to where raw materials were used and where they were sent or where they are currently stored.
  • Track expiration dates.

Landed Cost

  • Create an accurate cost for your product that includes all costs for the product.
  • A true cost that considers freight, brokerage, and other fees for your product before it gets to your door.

Scan and Read Barcode Labels

  • Create barcode labels, including GS1-128.
  • Lot and/or serial numbers can be read from barcodes when receiving product.
  • Use scanning devices with barcodes for accurate warehouse management.

Document Management

  • Easy retrieval and viewing of documents created by the system and external documents.
  • Store and organize certifications.
  • Store and organize documents required by the USDA and other regulating entities.


  • Browser-based sales portal for sales representatives.
  • Fast order entry.
  • Direct EDI orders.
  • Full customer and pricing history.


  • General ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable
  • Manage credit and collection.
  • Automated payments.
  • Comprehensive financial reporting.


  • Build your own reports and/or use system standard reports.
  • MS Office integration.
  • Reports can be set up to automatically run and be sent by email or printer.

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