PHCP, PVF, and HVAC Distributors

Distribution and ERP Software for PHC, PVF, and HVAC Distributors

As a PHCP, PVF, or HVAC distributor, you need software that will meet the demands of the contractors visiting your front desk, as well as your other business channels. DistributionPlus distribution and ERP software for PHC, PVF, and HVAC distributors offers customer specific pricing, front desk (POS) capabilities, and much more.

PHC, PVF, and HVAC Distributors

PHC, PVF, and HVAC Specific Technology

  • A customer portal for your contractors to place orders and check on orders as they may relate to projects.
  • Bid and job management.
  • Integrated EDI for large customers and vendors.
  • Kitting and assemblies.
  • Front counter or point of sale.
  • Contractor and customer specific pricing.
  • eCommerce solution.
  • Serial and lot number receiving and tracking.

Inventory Management

An inventory management solution that is tightly integrated with purchasing, sales and quoting, accounting, and warehouse management to ensure that you have optimal inventory, and you that you are always viewing inventory levels in real-time.

Warehouse Management

Take control of your warehouse with a warehouse management system (WMS) that will track your inventory from the moment it arrives until it is shipped. Advanced put-away and picking technology will increase efficiencies in your warehouse and can prevent costly mistakes.


Powerful traceability capabilities for end to end track and trace on lots and serial numbers. If an item is broken down to smaller units, all of the smaller units inherit the characteristics of the original. Get insight to where raw materials were used and where they were sent, or where they are currently stored.

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