Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

An Integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solution

An integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system means that you do not need to leave the software to perform EDI transactions. All transactions happen within the DistributionPlus or Sustaen software.

  • No need to partner with expensive 3rd party EDI service providers.
  • EDI forms 810 (invoices), 850 (purchase orders), 856 (advance ship notice), and many more.
  • Send and receive EDI transactions with no intervention needed.
  • Increase productivity without increasing staff.


electronic data interchange

Benefits of An Integrated EDI System

An EDI system that is integrated with the software has many advantages compared to an external or 3rd party EDI service.

  • Eliminates manual data entry errors.
  • Streamlined transaction processing.
  • No complex mapping of data required.
  • Save time by not needing to enter data into a 3rd party EDI software or service.
integrated EDI benefits

EDI Invoice Audit Dashboard

There are factors that affect whether EDI transactions are transmitted successfully or not. It could be as simple as something not working correctly on your service side of the transaction. You need to have easy visibility to verify that all of your EDI transactions have been successful.

  • Easily monitor and administer EDI transactions.
  • Quickly identify and take action on any unaccepted transactions.
  • Seamlessly make any needed changes to unsuccessful transactions.
edi invoice audit dashboard

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