Small Motor Distributors

Distribution and ERP Software for Small Motor Distributors

As a small motor distributor, you are faced with an inventory that is full of serialized parts. You need to have a system that will track those parts from the point that you receive them, through your warehouse, and to which customer they were sent. You need a software that will allow you to kit items and make assemblies with your parts. DistributionPlus distribution and ERP software for small motor distributors has the functionality to help you with your everyday demands.

small motors distribution warehouse

Small Motor Distributor Specific Technology

  • Ability to produce, label, and track serialized units.
  • Kitting and assemblies.
  • Sales portal for sales representatives gives them the ability to access the system remotely.
  • Customer portal gives your customers the ability to place orders, check on orders, and many other account related functions.
  • Document management for storage and management of important documents, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Highly customizable reporting that can be integrated with MS Office.
  • Integrated eCommerce.
  • Flexible pricing structure for product, products groupings, and customer specific pricing.

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