Sales and Quoting

A Versatile Sales Order System

A sales order system that allows you to do so much more than just entering sales orders.

  • Enter regular inventory items, drop-ship items, and special items (non-stock items) all in the same sales order.
  • Enter order or line notes and choose which forms show them.
  • Ability to create purchase orders directly from the sales order process.
  • Easily see when the customer last ordered an item and their cost.
  • A related items tool to suggest related items.
sales order entry

A Quoting System To Start The Sales Process

When creating a quote for a customer, you need to be able to create a sales order directly from that quote, instead of re-entering the data back into a sales order. With the quoting system, you can do this and so much more.

  • Quote multiple price breaks for the same item.
  • Create a quote without committing inventory.
  • Flag quotes for follow-up.
  • Choose an expiration date for the quote.

Comprehensive Sales and Quoting

There are many functions that need to be performed either through the quoting or the sales order process. Sales order and quoting in DistributionPlus and Sustaen include many functions that support the sales process.

  • Commissions.
  • Delivery route management.
  • Unlimited ship-to locations.
  • Blanket orders.
  • Create kits on the fly.
  • Option to have margins shown or hidden.
sales order and quoting


Ecommerce that is integrated with the DistributionPlus software, which means that you can make your own updates on your ecommerce site, and all things on your ecommerce site are connected in real-time to your DistributionPlus system. Your customers will see the correct pricing and quantities when they are viewing items on your ecommerce site. The shopping cart produces a sales order in DistributionPlus as soon as the shopping cart is submitted.


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