Meat and Food Distributors

Distribution and ERP Software for Meat and Food Distributors

The full ERP functionality, plus added functions specific to food and meat distributors, make DistributionPlus an ideal ERP software for meat and food distributors.

There is an integrated function within DistributionPlus that is specific to meat and food distributors that participate in the USDA National School Lunch Program.

meat and food distributors

GS1 and Other Barcodes

Ability to read and produce multiple types of barcodes, including GS1 and UPC barcodes.

Serial and Lot Tracking

Receive and record lot numbers to track lotted product throughout your warehouse and where it was shipped.

Delivery Routing

A routing system for organizing delivery truckloads to the sequence that they are delivered to your customers.

Integrated WMS

Use the integrated warehouse management system (WMS) to optimize storage and movement in your refrigerated, freezer, and warehouse areas.

Integrated Label Printing

Produce labels with product descriptions, weight, barcoding, “bug”, etc. from DistributionPlus.

Sales and Customer Portals

The browser based sales portal gives your sales representatives the ability to enter orders for their customers from wherever they are. Sales representatives can also check on orders, see inventory, check on open invoices, and many other tasks that they would need for managing an account.

The browser based customer portal gives an extra level of service to your customers while freeing up time for your CSR’s. Customers can check on their orders, look at history, and access open invoices. There is an option for customers to place orders through the customer portal.

Sales Portal

National School Lunch Program

National School Lunch Program Participation

The DistributionPlus software has processes in place for food distributors that are involved in the National School Lunch Program through the USDA. Specific functions include:

  • Download orders from the USDA site and import them into DistributionPlus to create orders automatically.
  • Ability to track food stored for the USDA for billing purposes.
  • The storage fees for the food are calculated from a rate schedule and automatically billed.

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