Liquor and Beverage Distributors

Distribution and ERP Software for Liquor and Beverage Distributors

As a liquor and beverage distributor, you are faced with strict guidelines and reporting requirements. You will need a software system that will keep you compliant with regulations, as well as giving you the ability to have just the right amount of product on hand for your customers. DistributionPlus distribution and ERP software for liquor and beverage distributors has these functions and much more.

liquor and beverage routing and delivery

Liquor and Beverage Distributor Specific Technology

  • Reporting that is specific to the liquor industry.
  • Record and store delivery documents and link them with the customer’s order in document management.
  • Flexible unit of measure – receive as cases and sell as eaches.
  • Sales representatives have the tools and information needed with the sales portal.
  • Textile rolls are treated as lots, and inventory is maintained by roll.
  • Product used is automatically subtracted from the roll as it is used.
  • Textile inventory can be maintained by the roll.
  • eCommerce and customer portal integration.

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