ACH Transactions From DistributionPlus and Sustaen

ach transactions

Would you rather pay your vendors by cutting a check and mailing it to them, or paying them through an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction? ACH, a technology used by banks for electronic payments and automated money transfers, makes it much easier to pay your vendors compared to manual methods. Being able to send ACH transactions from your ERP software just makes sense. That is why we have developed the ability to send ACH transactions from DistributionPlus.

Convenience of ACH

With ACH for DistributionPlus, you won’t have to exchange paper out of your printer for check forms, or have a need for a dedicated printer for check printing.

Saves Time

Save time through automations that happen in DistributionPlus as a result of having ACH for DistributionPlus. Checks automatically post to the check register. The ACH payments record in any accounts payable report just like a paper check.

Goodbye Checks

Since ACH payments take the place of checks, you will be able to cut down on the amount of checks that you use. Keep some checks on hand for the occasional one-time payment.

No more stuffing envelopes with checks and paying postage to get payments to your vendors.

Preferred by Vendors

You may have some vendors that prefer that you pay by ACH. It is convenient for them too. With ACH payments, they no longer have to handle and process checks coming in through the mail.

When making payments through ACH, a convenient email is (optional) automatically sent to your vendor(s) notifying them that a payment to them is being processed.

Information Is Secure

Transactions follow NACHA standards and are extremely secure.

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